Why do we need to ask questions before quoting the segment?

Maybe, there are some customers complained that we ask too many questions before quoting the products, such as the diamond segments. But this is one of our pre-sale services, which is good for both sides.

There are mainly 3 reasons:

  1. To confirm the size of the diamond segments.
    1. What’s the diameter and thickness of the blade on which the segments used?
    2. What’s the size of the diamond segments you want?
  2. To confirm the formula of the diamond segments.
    1. What materials are supposed to be cut by the segments, granite, marble, concrete, or other stones?
    2. What’s the blade type on which the segment used on, single-blade, multi-blade?
    3. What’s the type of the cutting machine, bridge saw, single arm cutting machine?
    4. What’s the power of the motor, and the rpm?
  3. To confirm the price of the diamond segments.
    1. What’s the quantity?
    2. Do you need any customization?

Asking these essential questions before quoting allows us to find exactly what our customers need while also offering a competitive price point, making it a win-win situation all around!

We are a trading company that has established close business relationships with reliable diamond tools factories and related equipment manufacturers. We can find the most appropriate products for your needs and give you better services.

Customization is becoming increasingly popular in the diamond tools industry as customers seek to personalize their tools. Some customers only need a slight change, such as a different painting color or logo (OEM). Others may need a totally new design of the whole tool (ODM). In some cases, the manufacturer chosen has not made the requested tool before, so customization is required.

OneStop Diamond Tools is your one-stop shop for all your OEM/ODM needs. We have years of experience producing custom-made products, and can customize items like function, color painting, logo printing, packing, and more to your specific needs. So no matter what situation you're in, we can provide you with the support you need.

Please let us know what you need and send us any relevant pictures or drawings. We will be happy to discuss the details with you and find the best solution for your needs. Custom orders may differ in price, MOQ, and lead time from regular orders, but we will be able to give you firm numbers after we review your specific requirements. Don't worry, our prices, minimums, and lead times are all very competitive. We specialize in custom orders and are confident that we can deliver a great product.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each product is different and can be found on the specific product page. However, if you wish to customize any diamond tools or machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide a price quote, MOQ, and estimated lead time for your order. Thank you for your interest!

We accept a variety of payment methods, including T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Alipay, and L/C. 100% payment is required before shipment.

We suggest shipping small orders via Air Cargo or Express (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, etc.), and bulk orders via Air Cargo or Sea Cargo. Our sales team will find the best transport mode based on the product's characteristics and your requirements for transport charge and duration.

Diamond Tools

What's the main painting color of your diamond tools?

Please check the chart below for reference and note that there will be some chromatic aberration:

Different types of concrete will have different levels of abrasiveness - the softer the concrete, the more abrasive it will be. OneStop Diamond Tools offers an excellent selection of metal-bond concrete grinding diamonds and cup wheels to meet the needs of different concrete hardness levels. We have six grades of bonding agency to choose from, each designed for a specific hardness level. Please check the table as below:

Hardness of Concrete Xtremely Hard Very Hard Hard Medium Soft Very Soft
PSI 6500-9000 5000-7000 4000-5000 3000-4000 1500-3500 1000-2000
MPA C50-C65 C40-C55 C30-C50 C20-C40 C15-C25 C10-C20

Before you install a diamond wire saw, be sure to rotate it a few times along the axis of the wire. This will ensure that the beads on the diamond wire saw are evenly worn when in use, making the cuts more balanced and extending the life of the saw. In general, a diamond wire needs to rotate 1 circle (360 degrees) every three meters.

Here are some reviews of our customers from different countries:

-You are a great manufacturer and since we try few companies for China you have been best of all starting from customer service and products you deliver to us.

-We tested all the segments and we are very happy with the quality and results we achieved. Very soon I will place another order.

-It cuts great and there is a ton of diamond on it. looks like it will last a long time. will recommend this company and product to anyone thanks again.

-450mm Silent marble blade, segment height 8mm, innerhole 50/60 todo excelente muy atentos y estoy muy contento com esta compania muchas gracias.

-I recieved the blades and we tested them out today and they are the best we have ever used in our 25 years in the concrete sawing busines.

-My client loves the 350mm balde I got. Today was his firt day with it and he says he is excited to buy some.

-We finally used all the discs and i just want to tell you that it worked perfect.

-Your blades has excellent performance! We are very satisfied with them.

-Lifetime of the diamonds are very good. Your diamonds have the same or longer lifetime than the well known brands. We are very satisfy of the quality of your diamonds.

-We are really liking what you have sent us so far and would like to place another order.

-Tools are fantastically good. I think they are the same quality or even better quality than HTC’s own factory.

-We tested the #30-40  grit diamond tools, and they work excellent!! I would like to order some more tools.

-The concrete we were grinding this weekend was super hard and the diamond segments held up pretty good.

-You have done good work on bush hammers. Right now customer is very satisfied about your tools.

-The bushammer tools are great, works perfectly and good fitment. We tested the HTC bush hammer super scraper. It works very good and we want to order more.

-I am happy that you made them so nice. Much more higher level like original ones.

-The initial sample order you provide worked perfect and seem to be great quality.

Floor Grinders

What are the preparations for the first use of the grinding machine?

1. Make sure no loose packaging materials are left on the Machine.
2. Inspect the machine and its parts for any damage. If damages are visible, do not operate the machine and contact our dealer for help right away.
3. Make a list of everything that comes with the machine, and check that there are no loose parts or pieces missing.
4. Please ensure that all component parts are properly attached before proceeding.
5. Add fluids as necessary, including fuel, engine oil, and battery acid.
6. Please relocate the machine to its intended location.

1. The emergency stop switch has been pressed. 
2. The power source or power cable for the grinder may be damaged.
3. The grinding machine is overloaded.
4. There is a problem with the rear contact switch button.

There is an oil leak coming from the output shaft:

1. The gearbox of the floor grinder does not dissipate heat well, which causes damage to the oil seal. The best way to fix this is to replace the gearbox and oil seal.
2. The damaged bearings and the misalignment of the shafts cause excessive wear. The solution is to open the gearbox and check which part of the bearings is damaged, then replace it with a new one.

Oil is leaking from the tank wall:

1. No new seal was replaced during maintenance. The solution is to open the gear and replace the old seal with a new one.
2. No sealant was applied or the sealing strip was not installed properly during maintenance. The treatment method is to open the gear and replace the old sealing strip with a new one, then apply the sealant.

1. If the grinding machine stops running while in operation, check if the power supply and machine wire interface are both normal. If the power is normal, check the condition of the motor.
2. The grinding disc's height is uneven. Use the fixing screw to adjust the disc's height until the distance between three points on the disc and the gear box's bottom are even..
3. The rubber pad is aging or damaged and needs to be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the rubber pads are replaced once a year.
4. The axle level is incorrect. You will need to adjust the height of the axle to change the balance point of the machine.
5. The bearing of the grinder is damaged. Open the gear box to check which part of the bearing is damaged, and then replace it.