Granite cutting diamond wires usually come with plastic injection technology, for slab cutting, block dressing, quarrying, and profiling. Different applications uses different sizes of diamond beads, with smaller sizes used for slab cutting and larger sizes used for quarrying and block dressing.

Specifications of OneStop Granite Cutting Diamond Wire Saw

Cutting Materials Applications Types Size Beads Per Meter
granite multi-wire plastic 6.3mm, 7.3mm 37
granite profiling plastic 8.5mm 37
granite/sandstone profiling plastic 9.0mm 37
granite/sandstone block dressing plastic 10.5mm, 11mm 37
granite/sandstone block dressing rubber 10.5mm 40
granite/sandstone quarrying plastic 11mm 37
granite/sandstone quarrying rubber 11mm, 11.5mm 40

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