When cutting, the asphalt becomes more and more sticky with the increase in temperature and it’s harder and harder to cut. The way to solve this problem is to use several higher segments in the diamond blade. For example, we use 15 + 3 segments in a 300mm asphalt cutting blade, which means there are 3 higher segments welded in the blade. What’s more, laser welding should be applied.

Generally, we don’t use arix diamond blades for asphalt cutting. Because the sharpness is enough of the normal blade and what we most care about is the cutting life. But if you have special demand, we can also customize it for you. Just let us know the cutting depth and cutting meters you need.

Specification of Asphalt Cutting Diamond Blade

Asphalt Cutting Blade Diameter Asphalt Segment Size Asphalt Segment Number
300mm 40*3.0*10mm 15+3
350mm 40*3.2*10mm 18+3
400mm 40*3.6*10mm 20+4
450mm 40*4.0*10mm 24+4
500mm 40*4.2*10mm 25+5
600mm 40*4.6*10mm 30+6

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