A diamond grinding cup wheel is a type of wheel made from diamonds, used for grinding and polishing. There are three types of diamond grinding cup wheels: electroplated, sintered, and brazed. They use welding, cold-pressing, and electroplating techniques on a steel or aluminum wheelbase. 

Diamond grinding cup wheels are designed for grinding concrete, granite, marble, natural stone, and masonry materials. They are available in a variety of sizes and diamond grits to suit your needs.

At OneStop, we offer a wide variety of diamond grinding cup wheels in standard 4", 5", and 7" sizes. Our selection includes segments with single row, double row, spiral, turbo, arrow, zigzag, T shape, and more. We also provide different types of PCD diamond grinding cup wheels for more aggressive grinding or coating removals. You will always find the appropriate diamond cup wheels to fit your project at an affordable price.

Different types and sizes of diamond grinding wheels for handheld grinding machines (like angle grinders) or walk-behind grinding machines (like floor grinders). Metal bonded type and PCD types are provided. Excellent diamond formulas (different grits and bonds) are used for grinding different materials, including concrete, granite, marble, and other stones. 

  • Excellent diamond formulas for different stones and concrete.
  • Various segment shapes and arrangements for different applications.
  • High-quality raw materials of diamonds are used.
  • OEM/ODM services are strongly supported.
  • High welding strength with copper or silver welding.

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