Diamond core drill bit segments are the function part of a diamond core drill bit. You can use them for retipping on your used diamond core drill bit or welding on a blank core to produce a brand-new core drill bit.

OneStop Diamond Tools offers a variety of shapes and sizes of diamond cor bits segments, such as normal, roof, crown, turbo, ARIX, etc. With different formulas, they can be used for drilling materials like stones, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, or others. The magnet holder is used to assist retipping or welding. Try to use it and you will find much easer to retip the core drill bit segments.

To ensure the high performance of drilling reinforced concrete, we use higher quality diamonds from the "Element Six" company in Ireland, which not only increases the drilling speed and also lengthens the drilling life.

To meet the varying needs of different markets, we offer three grades of core drill bit segments: A grade, B grade, and C grade. The prices are from high to low.

Tell us your core drill bit size and the materials to be drilled, we will recommend the most appropriate core drill bit segments for you.

Different sizes of core bit segments suit different sizes of diamond core drill bits, please check the table below for reference:

Size Standard of Crown Type Core Drill Bit Segments:

Product Shape Suitable Diameter of Core Drill Bits(mm) Size
Crown D14 3.0×10
D16 3.0×10
D18 3.0×10
D20 3.0×10
D22 3.0×10
D25 3.0×10
D26 3.0×10
D28 3.0×10
D30 3.0×10
D32 3.0×10
D35 3.0×10
D38 3.0×10
D40 3.0×10
D45 3.0×10
D50 3.0×10

Size Standard of Segmented Core Drill Bit Segments:

Product Shape Suitable Diameter of Core Drill Bits(mm) Size




Turbo + Roof

Turbo + Zigzag



D35 (D32-D36) 16×3.0×10
D44 (D38-D48) 16×3.0×10
D60 (D52-D66) 24×3.5×10
D76 (D68-D82) 24×3.5×10
D96 (D84-D108) 24×3.5×10
D140 (D110-D150) 24×4.0×10
D180 (D160-D200) 24×4.5×10
D228 (D202-D254) 24×4.5×10
D280 (D260-D300) 24×5.0×10
D350 (D305-D400) 24×5.5×10
D450 (D405-D500) 24×5.5×10

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