Diamond wire beads are the function part of diamond wires. They are fixed on a steel wire and can cut different stones or construction materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, and so on.  There are mainly 2 different types of diamond wire beads in the market according to the production process: vacuum brazed beads and sintered beads.

Vacuum brazed diamond beads have a good cutting speed and are usually used for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, and steel. While sintered beads are much more widely used on cutting different stones like granite, marble, etc., for quarrying, profiling, and dressing purpose. But sintered beads also can be used for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete, not as sharp as vacuum brazed diamond beads, but much longer lifespan.

The general sizes of diamond wire beads we made can be 11.5mm, 11mm, 10.5mm, 9mm, 8mm and you can customize it for other sizes.

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