115mm Carbide/PCD Bush Hammer Rollers For Scratching Finish

2 different cutting chips are available: tungsten carbide or PCD
making scratching finish on natural stones
bush hammer roller
D115mm × L140mm
Carbide/PCD details
carbide/PCD cutting heads × 42pcs
3 pieces
7-14 days after payment recieved
115mm Carbide/PCD Bush Hammer Rollers For Scratching Finish

This 115mm bush hammer roller is specially designed to be used on angle grinders, for creating the scratching finish on the surface of marble, granite, and other materials. The width between each cutting head is 2.5mm. 

This tool comes with 42 small cutting heads, which can be equipped with either square tungsten carbide chips or square PCD chips. PCD type rollers are more expensive than carbide types, but they last longer and perform better when grinding granite and other hard materials.

Both 4 corners of the chips can be used, which allows for maximum utilization of the carbides or PCDs, resulting in a longer lifespan and increased productivity.


  • 2 types of cutting chips are supported: tungsten carbide or PCDs.
  • Upgraded design of the cutting heads, which are more dustproof and last longer.
  • Replaceable cutting heads are supplied to reuse the blank body.
  • A high-quality Allen key is sent for free.
  • The connection of the rollers can be customized to suit your angle grinders.
  • Total weight of 3.8kg.


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