3 Things You Should Know About Concrete Grinding Diamonds

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There are many different types of floor grinders in the world, like HTC, Lavina, Husqvarna, Sccanmaskin, Klindex, Xingyi, most of which use different shapes of concrete grinding diamonds.

To minimize your costs on diamond tools, the best way is to find a reliable manufacturer who can customize unique diamond tools for you. OneStop has extensive experience customizing all kinds of diamond tools. The diamond grinding shoes are one of our advantage products; we have developed many premium quality floor grinding shoes and PCD floor coating removal tools.r different floor grinders.

  • excellent diamond bonds for different hardness of concrete.
  • competitive price.
  • reliable quality.
  • fast delivery.
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Please let us know your specific requirements, and we at OneStop will be happy to create custom grinding shoes to your satisfaction.

Things you should know


Diamond Grits

The size of diamond particles is typically described in terms of diamond grit. OneStop Diamond Tools uses diamond particles in the size range of 6# to 220# for concrete grinding. The smaller the number, the larger the diamond particle and the more aggressive the action on the concrete.

  • For coarse grinding or coating removal, use 6# and 16# diamond particles. 
  • For medium grinding, use 36#, 60#, and 80# diamond particles. 
  • For fine grinding, use 120#, 180#, and 220# diamond particles.

Bonding Agency

The bonding agent is the material that binds the diamond particles together. It is usually made up of metal powders such as iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, tin, and zinc. The bonding agent must be strong enough to hold the diamond particles together during cutting and grinding. When purchasing concrete floor grinding tools, you should consider the hardness of the bonding agent in addition to the diamond grit.

Hardness of Concrete

Xtremely Hard Very Hard Hard Medium Soft Very Soft
PSI 6500-9000 5000-7000 4000-5000 3000-4000 1500-3500 1000-2000
MPA C50-C65 C40-C55 C30-C50 C20-C40 C15-C25 C10-C20

Segment Shapes & Numbers

The shape of the diamond grinding segment maybe also has an effect on concrete grinding. Customers have reported that, at the same diamond grit level, the segment of rectangle, arrow, and button have different performances as follows:

  • The arrow-shaped segment is better for coarse grinding.
  • The rectangle-shaped segments are good for medium grinding.
  • The button-shaped segment is better for fine grinding with fewer scratches. 

The more aggressive the grinding you want, the fewer segments there should be. This is because at the head pressure, more pressure is distributed over fewer segments.

Shapes such as rectangles, arrows, and buttons are the main shapes used in our concrete floor grinding segments. We also accept OEM/ODM orders so you can create your own custom floor grinding segments, including segment shape, segment numbers, diamond grits, bond types, and more.

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