WSD2500/2800/3000/3200 Multi Blade Bridge Cutting Machines

WSD2500, WSD2800, WSD3000, WSD3200
Multi diamond blades for quick cutting stone blocks. Can use up to 9 pieces of diamond blades. The diameter of diamond blades is from 1600mm to 3200mm
1 set
WSD2500/2800/3000/3200 Multi Blade Bridge Cutting Machines

The left and right movement of the cutting head is controlled by a frequency converter, allowing the speed to be adjusted according to the types of the stone material. Hydraulic lifting is used for up and down movement, while the front and back slicing uses a high-precision rod and nut drive for automatic slicing. This results in a high cutting precision and good flatness of the cut plate.

The key parts are made with high-quality imported spare parts. Blocks can be placed directly on the ground, saving the cost of a trolley and its maintenance. Therefore, the machine is highly efficient, stable, and easy to operate, making it especially well-suited for cutting high-value granite and marble blocks.

Model 2500 2800 3000 3200
Main Motor 30-45kW 37-55kW 45-65kW 55-75kW
Diamond Blade Diameter 1600-2500mm 1600-2800mm 1600-3000mm 1600-3200mm
Travel Up or Down 1200mm 1300mm 1400mm 1500mm
Travel Y Axis 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm
Travel X Axis 4500mm 4500mm 4500mm 4500mm
Number of Saw Blade 1-9 pieces 1-9 pieces 1-9 pieces 1-9 pieces
Outline Size 8000ⅹ3800ⅹ4200mm 8000ⅹ3800ⅹ4500mm 8000ⅹ3800ⅹ4800mm 8000ⅹ3800ⅹ5000mm
Weight 12000kg 12500kg 13000kg 13500kg

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