230mm General Purpose Diamond Blade for Rock Granite Concrete

general purpose for cutting granite, block, concrete and more
10 pcs
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230mm General Purpose Diamond Blade for Rock Granite Concrete

This Husqvarna EL 35 CnB blade is a general purpose blade that will cut hard material such as river rock, granite, heavily reinforced concrete, mica, precast panels, marble, quartz, trap rock, flint rock, and concrete over 6,000 psi tensile strength.


1. Dual Blades:
   Featuring specially crafted blades, this tool delivers exceptional cutting speed and power.

2. Suited for Concrete and Tough Materials:
   Engineered for swift cutting in versatile construction materials, with a particular emphasis on challenging substances like granite and hardened concrete.

3. Seamless and Controlled Starting:
   The segment design minimizes contact with the concrete surface, ensuring a swift and controlled start when introducing a new blade.

4. Unprecedented Cutting Depth:
   Tailored for extraordinary cutting depths, these blades are specially designed to handle up to 400mm with precision.

5. Self-Sharpening Capability:
   The segmented edge design enables efficient cutting speed when employing a new blade, irrespective of its rotation.

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