350mm Arix Laser Ring Saw Blade

arix segments; deep cutting depth
cutting concrete
Welding Type
laser welded
Wet or Dry
wet & dry
10 pieces
7-14 dyas after payment received
350mm Arix Laser Ring Saw Blade
350mm Arix Laser Ring Saw Blade 350mm Arix Laser Ring Saw Blade

Ring saw blade are widely used for different applications, such as opening windows and doors on the wall.

Our 350mm diamond ring saw blade can be used on Husqvarna K970/K960/3600 cutters and has good performance for cutting hard concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks and other construction materials. 

The most feature of ring saw blade is the deep cutting depth. Our 14inch (350mm) diamond ring saw blade is available to make 10" deep cuts, while a 14" diamond blade can only achieve a 5" cutting depth. Low noise levels make it ideal for indoor work.

Each ring saw blade comes with a drive disk.

You can choose either ARIX segmented ring saw blade or regular segmented ring saw blade.

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