350mm Multi-Holes Turbo Laser Welded Concrete Cutting Blade

turbo segments; music slot; multi-holes; laser welding
cutting concrete and reinforced concrete
Welding Type
laser welded
Wet or Dry
wet & dry
Silent or Normal
10 pieces
7-14 dyas after payment received
350mm Multi-Holes Turbo Laser Welded Concrete Cutting Blade

This 350mm diamond cutting blade is specialized in cutting reinforced concrete, with high cutting performance. It can be used for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete road, walls and more.


1. Multi-holes

There are lots of multi holes in the blade, which can better take away the cutting chips and cool down the temperature.

2. 24 pcs of Turbo Segments

Turbo segments has a fast cutting speed and make it easer to take away the cutting chips.

3. Laser Welding

For cutting reinforced concrete, the laser welding is essential. Because laser welding has a better strong welding strength than other welding methods like high-frequency welding.

4. Music Slots

The musical slots reduces the stress on the blade during cutting, can effectively protect the blade body from deformation, and ensures the service life of the diamond blade.

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