Trapezoid PCD Diamond Tooling With Sacrificial Button

PCD + segment
Segment/PCD Details
half round PCD × 2pcs; segment button × 1pcs
Applied Grinders
ASL, Blastrac, Diamatic, Sase, CPS, Innovatech, SPE
12 pieces
7-14 days after payment recieved
Trapezoid PCD Diamond Tooling With Sacrificial Button

This trapezoid PCD floor grinding shoe can be easily used on ASL floor grinders with 3 pins and magnet system . It comes with 2 half round PCDs and a sacrificial segment button. The high standard PCD with specially made diamond segment allows for maximum grinding performance and makes it suitable for a variety of coating removals purposes such as glue, paint, epoxy, and resin.

The PCD coating removal tools can only be used in one direction. If you look at the PCD tool carefully, you will notice that each PCD is slightly tilted to the right. This design allows the tool to withstand greater impact.

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