Arrow Segment Bar Trapezoid Concrete Grinding Diamonds

Segment/PCD Details
segment bar × 1pcs; arrow segment × 1pcs
Segment Height
10mm, 12mm
Applied Grinders
ASL, Blastrac, Diamatic, Sase, CPS, Innovatech, SPE
Diamond Grits
6#, 10#, 16#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 180#, 220#
12 pieces
7-14 days after payment recieved
Arrow Segment Bar Trapezoid Concrete Grinding Diamonds

Most concrete floor grinding diamonds come with the same segments. However, the grinding segments can be mixed to achieve unexpected performance. For example, you can mix the segment bar and arrow segment on a trapezoid grinding shoe, or mix the zigzag segment and segment button for a Husqvarna redi-lock grinding diamond.

This trapezoid diamond grinding shoe comes with 1 arrow segment and 1 rectangle segment. Under the same diamond grits and bonds, it is a little more aggressive compared to the 2 segment bars type, but not as aggressive as the 2 arrow type.

The most important thing to consider when choosing grinding segments is the type of bond that will best suit the job at hand. Different hardnesses of concrete will require different types of bonds in order to achieve the best results. Please check our standards for the diamond bonds for reference.


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