HTC PCD Diamond Tooling With Sacrificial Bar

PCD + segment
Segment/PCD Details
half round PCD × 1pcs; small round PCD × 1pcs; segment bar × 1pcs
Applied Grinders
12 pieces
7-14 days after payment recieved
HTC PCD Diamond Tooling With Sacrificial Bar

This floor grinding shoe is designed for use with HTC series floor grinders and other grinders that have adapters (such as the Husqvarna grinder with the EZ system).

It comes with 1 half round PCD, 1 small round PCD, and 1 segment bar. The thickness of the HTC blank core is not enough to weld the half round PCD, so we added a mounting steel plate to the HTC shoe for welding the PCD and segment.

The tool is an efficient way to remove coatings like varnish, glue, paint, and resin. It has excellent performance and long life.

Are you aware of the correct grinding direction for PCD tools? The correct direction should be the opposite of the PCD tilt.

If the PCD tools are a mix of PCD and segments, there is a straightforward way of knowing the direction of the PCD tools. Simply remember that PCD will always make the first grinding pass, with the sacrificial segments being used as a second grinding pass for the surface.

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