2 Half Round PCDs Trapezoid Floor Coating Removal Tools

Segment/PCD Details
half round PCD × 2pcs
Applied Grinders
ASL, Blastrac, Diamatic, Sase, CPS, Innovatech, SPE
12 pieces
7-14 days after payment recieved
2 Half Round PCDs Trapezoid Floor Coating Removal Tools

PCD is the abbreviation of Polycrystalline Diamond. It is diamond grit which has been fused under high temperature, high-pressure conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. 

PCDs are extremely hard, making them ideal for removing tough floor coatings like epoxy, paint, resin, and glue. Their wear resistance and thermal conductivity also make them ideal for this purpose.

This trapezoid floor grinding shoe is equipped with 2 half-round PCDs. We use high-quality PCDs for our floor coating removal tools to ensure superior performance and long lifespan. The 3 threaded holes make it compatible with more floor grinders. The direction of the PCD can be left or right, depending on the rotation direction of your grinding machine

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