2 Round Segments Trapezoid Concrete Grinding Diamonds

Segment/PCD Details
segment button × 2pcs
Segment Height
10mm, 12mm
Applied Grinders
Sase, CPS, Innovatech, SPE, etc.
Diamond Grits
6#, 10#, 16#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 180#, 220#
10 pieces
7-14 days after payment recieved
2 Round Segments  Trapezoid Concrete Grinding Diamonds

When selecting a diamond grinding disc for concrete grinding, it is important to choose the model that is compatible with your floor grinding machine.

The most common type of diamond grinding disc on the market is the trapezoid disc, which can be used directly on most floor grinders or grinders with adapters. The general connection types for this disc are bolts, pins, and magnets.

This 2 round shape trapezoid diamond grinding shoes are used for medium or fine grinding of the concrete, terrazzo floor. Our segments have great bonds for different hardness of concrete, high performance, and long lifespan. OEM/ODM are available. Optional packagings include 6/9 pieces per box.

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