Crown Type Core Drill Bit Segments

crown type segment
For cutting masonry, brick, concrete, etc.
500 pcs
7-14 days after payment received
Crown Type Core Drill Bit Segments

Crown type core drill bit segments are one of the popular type of drill bit segments for drilling through concrete and other hard materials. They are designed with a crown shaped head that helps to keep the drill bit from getting stuck in the material being drilled. The crown also helps to dissipate the heat that is generated by the friction of the drill bit against the material.

OneStop Diamond Tools offers a variety of crown type core drill bits in different sizes to suit your drill bit needs. Our core drill bits are made of high-quality materials for long-lasting use. Shop our selection today to find the right size and type of crown drill bit for your next project.

Product Shape Suitable Diameter of Core Drill Bits(mm) Size
Crown D14 3,0×10
D16 3,0×11
D18 3,0×12
D20 3,0×13
D22 3,0×14
D25 3,0×15
D26 3,0×16
D28 3,0×17
D30 3,0×18
D32 3,0×19
D35 3,0×20
D38 3,0×21
D40 3,0×22
D45 3,0×23
D50 3,0×24

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