SFM300DP/420DP Duplex Hot & Cold Sintering Furnace

hot & cold sintering furnace for diamond blade
1 set
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SFM300DP/420DP Duplex Hot & Cold Sintering Furnace
  • This product features PLC control for easy operation as well as a touch screen for streamlined use. You can also store multiple processes at once with this product, making it a great choice for efficiency and productivity.
  • The sintering process temperature and pressure are computer-controlled.
  • The device is equipped with three-zone PID temperature control and a color screen that displays the process curve.
  • The computer can store up to 50 different groups of process parameters and  total of 1000 sintering process data sets can be recorded.
  • Cooling pressurization is used to ensure that the workpiece is not deformed.
  • Different gases can be supplied for different purposes. H2 and N2 are two such gases that can be supplied for protection.
  • Servo hydraulic system is optional.


Model SFM300DP SFM420DP
Power 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases
Rated Power of Heating (kW) 24 36
Max. Size of Workepiece (mm) Φ300×300 Φ400×400
Max. Sintering Temperature (℃) 920
Max. Pressure of Hot Furnace (kN) 400 600 or 800
Max. Pressure of Cooling Furnace (kN) 200 300 or 500
Overall Dimension (mm) 2065×1250×3450 3600×1700×3450
Protection Gas H₂ , N₂ or Decomposition of NH₃

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