VCP125S/200S/250S Semi Automatic Diamond Blade Cold Pressing Machine

VCP125S, VCP200S, VCP250S
semi automatic cold pressing machine for diamond blade
1 set
7-20days after payment received
VCP125S/200S/250S Semi Automatic Diamond Blade Cold Pressing Machine

We supply 3 different machines for cold pressing differen sizes of diamond saw blades.

They have features as follows:

  • program-controlled pneumatic feeding system with fixed volume, which helps to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding.
  • ydraulic pressing system and PLC + touch screen control system.
  • Semi automatic type can be customized.
  • Pressing for diamond cup wheel is an optional configuration.
Model VCP125S VCP200S VCP250S
Power Supply
Voltage (kVA) 25KVA 30KVA 30KVA
Rated Power (kW) 3×380V; 50Hz 3×380V; 50Hz 3×380V; 50Hz
Hydraulic Parts
Pressure Control Mode Measuring Pressure Measuring Pressure Measuring Pressure
Max. Press Force (kN) 1250KN 2000KN 2500KN
Tank Vollume (L) ~300L ~400L ~400L
Oil Water Cooler 1 1 1
Compressed Air Source Requirements
Pressure (bar) 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Traffic (L/min) 50L/min 50L/min 50L/min
Connection Size (mm) φ8 φ8 φ10
Cooling Water Source Requirements
Temperature (℃) 15~25℃ 15~25℃ 15~25℃
Traffic (L/min) 40L/min 60L/min 60L/min
Pressure (bar) 2~3 bar 2~3 bar 2~3 bar
Water Inlet Dimension of Cooler 1.2 inch 1.2 inch 1.2 inch
Dimension and Weight
Overall Dimension (mm) 2600×1200×2900 2700×1400×2900 2895×1615×3300
Weight (kg) 4500 6500 7500

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