WSD2000/2500/3000 CNC Single Diamond Wire Cutting Machines

WSD2000, WSD2500, WSD3000
1 set
WSD2000/2500/3000 CNC Single Diamond Wire Cutting Machines

The diamond wire cutting machine is a machine that is used to trim blocks with diamond wire and to cut slabs of variable thickness. This machine is programmable to cut several measures in the same block or in several blocks that are placed in a row.

Model 2000 2500 3000
Max. Cutting Size (L*W*H) 2500×2000×1500mm 2500×2500×1500mm 2500×3000×1500mm
Guide wheel distance 500-2000mm 500-2500mm 500-3000mm
Diamond Wire Length 14.5m 15.7m 16.5m
Diameter of Diamond Wire 7.6-10.8mm
Worktable Size (L×W) 2500×1300mm
Main Motor 11/15kW
Tensioning Type hydraulic
Tensioning Range 50-70kg/cm2
Load Bearing of Worktable 20ton
Idler Size 220mm
Line Speed 25-30m/s
360° Rotating Working Table Optional
Productivity Cutting Marble: 2m2/h
Cutting Granite 1m2/h 
Water Consumption 4m³/h
Outline Size 6700×5350×4200mm 6700×5850×4200mm 6700×6350×4200mm
Weight 4900kg 5000kg 6000kg

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