What are the preparations for the first use of the grinding machine?

1. Make sure no loose packaging materials are left on the Machine.
2. Inspect the machine and its parts for any damage. If damages are visible, do not operate the machine and contact our dealer for help right away.
3. Make a list of everything that comes with the machine, and check that there are no loose parts or pieces missing.
4. Please ensure that all component parts are properly attached before proceeding.
5. Add fluids as necessary, including fuel, engine oil, and battery acid.
6. Please relocate the machine to its intended location.

4 Possible reasons why the grinding machine can't running

1. The emergency stop switch has been pressed. 
2. The power source or power cable for the grinder may be damaged.
3. The grinding machine is overloaded.
4. There is a problem with the rear contact switch button.

What could be the cause of oil leakage in the gearbox?

There is an oil leak coming from the output shaft:

1. The gearbox of the floor grinder does not dissipate heat well, which causes damage to the oil seal. The best way to fix this is to replace the gearbox and oil seal.
2. The damaged bearings and the misalignment of the shafts cause excessive wear. The solution is to open the gearbox and check which part of the bearings is damaged, then replace it with a new one.

Oil is leaking from the tank wall:

1. No new seal was replaced during maintenance. The solution is to open the gear and replace the old seal with a new one.
2. No sealant was applied or the sealing strip was not installed properly during maintenance. The treatment method is to open the gear and replace the old sealing strip with a new one, then apply the sealant.

5 Common failures of the floor grinder machines

1. If the grinding machine stops running while in operation, check if the power supply and machine wire interface are both normal. If the power is normal, check the condition of the motor.
2. The grinding disc's height is uneven. Use the fixing screw to adjust the disc's height until the distance between three points on the disc and the gear box's bottom are even..
3. The rubber pad is aging or damaged and needs to be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the rubber pads are replaced once a year.
4. The axle level is incorrect. You will need to adjust the height of the axle to change the balance point of the machine.
5. The bearing of the grinder is damaged. Open the gear box to check which part of the bearing is damaged, and then replace it.