HTG 680-4A Self-propelled Floor Grinder

HTG 680-4A
self-propelled grinder
Grinding Width
680mm (230mm×4)
Rotating Speed
Motor Power
1 set
7-20 days after payment received
CE, ISO 9001, SGS
HTG 680-4A Self-propelled Floor Grinder

The HTG-680-4A is a self-driving concrete crusher that can easily grind down any type of flooring thanks to its four-head planet-driven design. Its 15HP world-class WEG motor and 20HP Delta frequency converter provide plenty of power to get the job done quickly and efficiently, while its 30kg adjustable grinding pressure and 4 planetary rotating grinding discs make it easy to customize the grinding process to your specific needs.

  • The grinder also has a cruise function with a constant speed. The walking speed can be adjusted freely between 0-25m/min (1.5km/h).
  • The drive system allows for cruising at the same speed on slopes up to 25 degrees. This gives the machine the ability to grind on slopes.
  • The four-head grinder is more powerful than the three-head grinder, providing more stability and uniformity when working on uneven surfaces. The planetary design of the grinder means that it can more effectively grind down materials, leaving behind a very uniform scratch pattern.

There are several advantages to using a four-head grinder over a three-head grinder. First, the force on the flat surface is greater, making the grinding process more stable. Second, the electric drive of the granite grinder allows it to move independently, rather than being pulled by manpower. This requires less labor, making it more efficient and convenient to operate.

If you're looking for a user-friendly and efficient floor repair and removal machine for industrial applications, then the 680-4A is the right choice.

Model HTG 680-4A
Grinding Width 680mm (230mm×4)
Rotating Speed 350-1680rpm
Motor Brand WEG
Motor Power 11kW=15HP
Inverter Brand Delta
Inverter Power 15kW=20HP
Packing Size 1240×770×1320mm
Total Weight 425kg=937lbs

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