HTG 800-4A Self-propelled Floor Grinder

HTG 800-4A
self-propelled grinder
Grinding Width
800mm (256mm*4)
Rotating Speed
Motor Power
1 set
7-20 days after payment received
CE, ISO 9001, SGS
HTG 800-4A Self-propelled Floor Grinder

The 800-4A self-driving concrete floor grinding and polishing machine is a revolutionary new product that significantly improves upon traditional floor grinding methods. 

It is equipped with internationally renowned brands of WEG motors and Delta inverters, which guarantees its quality and performance. With a working width of 800mm and a weight of 521kg, the machine is highly efficient in grinding concrete floors.

The machine is equipped with an inclined surface grinding system, which can perform a climbing function of up to 20 degrees. This saves time and effort, and can achieve precise and uniform grinding results. The large stainless steel water tank is rust-resistant, sturdy and durable, and can perform both dry and wet grinding, making it a good choice.

  • The machine's drive system has two modes: manual and self-propelled. In self-propelled mode, the machine can walk on its own, except when turning, when it needs to be pushed by manpower. This mode allows workers to work more easily and effortlessly.
  • The machine's walking speed can be set, meaning the grinding effect is not affected by human factors like workers' skills or emotions. This makes the work more efficient.
  • The three-level weighting iron on the machine helps workers to move it and adjust the weight in three different positions to change the grinding pressure and deal with different ground conditions.
  • The floating dust cover reduces the replacement time of the grinding discs and prevents the grinding discs from flying out and hurting people when the machine is running at high speed.
  • The device's battery can be automatically charged while in use, which is convenient for transportation. However, it's important to note that if the battery isn't going to be used for an extended period of time, it needs to be charged from time to time, and the power is maintained above 80%, which can extend the battery life.
Model HTG 800-4A
Grinding Width 800mm (256mm*4)
Rotating Speed 450-1950rpm
Motor Power 15kW=20HP
Inverter Power 18.5kW=25HP
Input Voltage 220V or 380V
Water Tank 20L
Packing Size 1140×870×1320mm
Total Weight 540kg=1190lbs

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