XY GX688 Counter Rotating Square Floor Grinder

XY GX688
counter rotating, square grinder
Grinding Width
650mm (384mm×4)
Rotating Speed
Motor Power
1 set
7-20 days after payment received
CE, ISO 9001, SGS
XY GX688 Counter Rotating Square Floor Grinder

The GX688 grinder is a versatile grinding machine that can be used to treat various types of floors. By using the appropriate abrasive concrete grinding tools, it can be used for rough grinding, sanding, or polishing concrete, natural stone, or terrazzo floors.

The grinding head of this machine can be paired with different grinding discs for different grinding operations. The dust-proof belt covers the area of the grinding head in the working environment, protecting it from dust and debris.

The vacuum cleaner's ability to float ensures that it is always in contact with the floor, which not only protects the operator from touching the rotating mechanical parts, but also reduces the exposure of dust and improves the vacuum's ability to absorb dust

The machine can be equipped with different grinding discs, which are selected according to the material being ground.

  • 5 Gears transmission technology
  • The "aluminum inserted in steel" technology improves the overall accuracy of the gearbox
  • A gearbox that is breathable: The air pressure inside the gearbox will change with changes in ambient temperature.
  • Super heavy weight, super high efficiency: 650mm grinding width, 405kg, The weight of the gearbox is up to 310Kg, heavy weight and high efficiency.
Model XY GX688
Grinding Width 650mm (384mm×4)
Rotating Speed 350-1500rpm
Motor Brand WEG
Motor Power 11kW=15HP
Inverter Brand Veichi
Inverter Power 11kW=15HP
Packing Size 1460×880×1320mm
Total Weight 410kg=902lbs

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