300mm Wet Cutting Granite Diamond Blade

cutting granite
Welding Type
high-frequency welded
Wet or Dry
Silent or Normal
10 pieces
7-14 dyas after payment received
300mm Wet Cutting Granite Diamond Blade

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a diamond blade for cutting granite. The first is the size of the blade. A 300mm blade is a good size for most projects. The second is the type of bond. A wet cutting blade will use a different bond than a dry cutting blade. The third is the quality of the diamond segments. Higher-quality diamond segments will last longer and cut better.

This 300mm wet cutting granite diamond blade is a great choice for anyone looking to cut through granite quickly and efficiently. This type of blade is typically used by professionals in the construction or stonecutting industries.

The main advantage of using a wet cutting diamond blade:

  • It can help to prevent dust from spreading. When cutting dry, granite produces a lot of fine dust that can be harmful to your lungs if inhaled. By cutting with water, you can help to keep this dust contained.
  • It can help to prolong the life of your diamond blade, because the water can cool the blade and take away the cutting chips.


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