350mm T Type Granite Cutting Diamond Blade

20mm height T type segments
cutting granite
Welding Type
high-frequency welded
Wet or Dry
Silent or Normal
10 pieces
7-14 dyas after payment received
350mm T Type Granite Cutting Diamond Blade

Different types of granite cutting blades have different features. This 350mm diamond blade uses 46 pieces of "short T" type segments to bring extra sharpness to the blade, for fast cutting. You also notice that the T-type segments have a convex T shape on both sides, which helps the blade from getting stuck when cutting.

Are you looking for an effective way to cut granite of different hardness? Our T type diamond segments may be just what you need. They are designed for fast cutting and the weld strength of each segment has been strictly inspected. In addition, the high concentration of cobalt in our segments increases their performance. OEM/ODM service is available.

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