600mm-1200mm Arix Laser Concrete Wall Cutting Blades

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"Concerning Reinforced Concrete Wall Cutting, Do You Share The Same Regrets As Follows?"

As a construction contractor:

  • Have you experienced delays in project progress due to complaints from workers about dull saw blades, putting immense pressure on you?
  • Do you feel helpless when facing high-density reinforced concrete as saw blades constantly lose teeth due to insufficient welding strength?
  • Are you limited to wet cutting projects because your current saw blades cannot handle dry cutting, forcing you to pass on potentially lucrative opportunities?
  • Are you tired of dealing with mud generated during cutting, but your current saw blades only support wet cutting?

Perhaps you have realized the need for a higher quality, faster cutting, and more efficient saw blade, but you're stuck because you don't know where to buy one. Or, you've found a supplier, but the prices are prohibitive.

And as a distributor:

  • Have you received customer requests for sharper concrete cutting saw blades?
  • Have you lost customers to competitors because you couldn't provide more efficient saw blades?

"Don't worry, we have all the answers to solve your problems!"

Imagine having a saw blade that:

  • Increases your cutting efficiency by 30%, allowing workers to work with joy while improving cutting efficiency and quality.
  • Fearlessly tackles high-density reinforced concrete, steadily advancing project progress.
  • Allows you to confidently showcase your professional capabilities to clients, meeting dry cutting requirements.
  • Sets you apart from other contractors and competitors......

Laser Welding of Arix Concrete Cutting Blade

Arix Laser Concrete Cutting Blade


"Key Features of The Concrete Wall Cutting Blade?"

Universal Segment Formula:

Universal segment formula for cutting all kinds of concrete and reinforced concrete, suitable for both new and old concrete of various hardness. One saw blade is enough for different types of concrete.

20mm Length Arix Segments:

Arix segment is much sharper than normal segments and can improve about 30% cutting efficiency. This means that you will complete the cutting project easily and quickly, shorten the project cycle, reduce costs, gain praise from customers, and even recommend other customers to you.

Laser Welding:

a) Firm welding capable of cutting concrete with high-density reinforcement.

b) High-precision automatic welding ensures symmetrical blades, reducing vibrations for smoother cutting.

c) Each tooth undergoes strength testing, guaranteeing welding strength.

Custom Installation Hole:

Multiple installation hole options are available. We provide common installation center holes for different wall cutting saws, like HiltiTyrolit and others machines. You can also customize the installation holes based on your specific wall cutting machines.

Dry/Wet Cutting:

This arix concrete wall cutting blade is suitable for both dry and wet cutting. You can choose according to the environment of the project site and the needs of the customer.

“ Do you also yearn for such a saw blade? ”

Fill out the form below, tell us your requirements (like the diameter of the blade, the quantity, the installation holes), and inquire now to enjoy two promotions:

a) We cover transaction fees.

b) Welcome the new year with a 3% discount."

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