6 Things You Should Know About Diamond Saw Blade.

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As one of the most popular diamond tools, diamond saw blades are widely used in the construction area. With different diamond formulas, they can be used for cutting different construction materials, such as granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, steel, etc. The diamond blades of fast cutting, less chipping, and long lifespan helped OneStop Diamond Tools to carve out a path of success.

There are some important characteristics of a diamond blade. To buy satisfied diamond blades, we'd better understand them as below:

  • diamond formulas
  • arix diamond segments
  • welding types
  • wet or dry cutting
  • silent or normal blade
  • cutting speed vs lifespan

Things You Should Know


Diamond Formulas

A diamond segment is made of diamond and metal powders, through mixing, cold pressing, and hot pressing. The diamond formulas here point to the proportion of diamond powder and other metal powders. Different diamond formulas are used for cutting different materials and they also have a big influence on the price. For example, Cobalt is one of the rare metals and has a higher price than others. So if the diamond formula is a high cobalt concentration formula, the price of the segment will be much higher.

Arix Diamond Segments

The diamond segments that used arix technology are called arix segments. Arix technology is a technology to put the diamond particles where we want them into the diamond segments. With arix diamond segments, the cutting speed is increased and the blade is much more aggressive.

The popular diamond segments are sintered, but there are also other technologies to make diamond segments. At least there are other 2 ways: vacuum brazing and electroplating.

Welding Types

Welding type is the connection method between segments and the blank core of a diamond blade. Generally, we can classify the diamond blades into 3 types, according to the connection type: sintered blades, high-frequency welded blades (or brazed blades), and laser-welded blades. sintered blades are usually small blades and are used on small cutting tools. high-frequency blades are widely used for cutting natural stones such as marble and granite. While laser blades have the strongest connection and are used for cutting hard or sticky construction materials like concrete, reinforced concrete, and asphalt.

Wet or Dry Cutting

Wet cutting is much more friendly with the blade than dry cutting. Because the water can take away the heat and cool down the diamond blades, which will last its cutting life and protect the blade from being burned. What's more, wet cutting has much better control over the dust. But sometimes, compared with handling the mud, we are likely to use dry cutting with a vacuum dust collection.

Not every blade can be used for dry cutting. Usually, a dry-cutting blade is a laser welded blade. Considering the situation of dry cutting, the manufacturers use different segment formulas of the segments and different designs of the steel core, to enhance its strength and make it available to do the tough jobs.

Silent or Normal Blade

The silent blade has an extra layer in the middle of the steel core, to decrease the noise when cutting and create a better environment for the operator and the surroundings. What the layer added actually is a piece of thin copper sheet. 

Cutting Speed VS Lifespan

Do you know the high cutting speed and long lifespan can not get at the same time? Actually, they are kind of conflicting. If you want to get a high-speed cutting blade, then a part of the life of the blade will be sacrificed. In the same way, the cutting speed will be decreased if you want to increase the lifespan. Because a long lifespan of the blade needs a high diamond concentration of the segments. But, when the diamond concentration increased to some point, the cutting speed will be slowed. Of course, the cutting speed and lifespan are determined by many facts together, but it is a basic method between the cutting speed and lifespan.

So, if you want a blade with the fastest cutting speed and the longest lifespan, it's an impossible thing. But we can compare these 2 specifications between different suppliers and find the better diamond blades.

OneStop diamond tools provide you with all kinds of premium diamond blades, and excellent OEM/ODM services are highly supported. We make the best blades according to your requirements and the real cutting environment. 

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