What You Need To Know About Diamond Tools

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Diamond tools are tools that are used for cutting, grinding or drilling different materials including granite, marble, concrete, asphalt and other construction materials. They are widely used in construction fields because they are very effective. This article will give you a brief introduction to diamond tools.

1. Why diamond tools are called "diamond" tools?

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material, making them an ideal choice for cutting, grinding and drilling tools. Diamond tools are called "diamond" because they are made from diamonds, or more specifically, artificial diamonds, as natural diamonds are too expensive to be used in industry.

2. What's the working part of diamond tools?

There are lots of diamond tools that have been developed for use in the construction industry, such as diamond saw blades, diamond wire saws, diamond core drill bits, and concrete grinding tools. Their common feature is that they are all composed of diamond segments and a blank core, with the working part being the diamond segments. One step closer, the final working part are the artificial diamond particles. Diamonds have many advantages over other materials: They are one of the hardest materials, and have high strength and good wear resistance, making them ideal for a variety of construction applications.

3. What's the working principle of diamond tools?

With the movement of diamond tools, the diamonds inside the segment are constantly exposed and play the roles of cutting, grinding and drilling. There are two normal movement ways of diamond tools: circumferential motion and linear motion. 

More of the diamond tools have circumferential motion, such as diamond saw blade, diamond core drill bits, etc. Another method is linear motion, such as gang saw blade, diamond wire saw and so on. No matter what kind of diamond tool, with continuous work, diamond particles need to be constantly exposed, otherwise, diamond tools will not work. So the main working principle of diamond tools are:

To expose the diamonds, the bond that holds the diamond particles together needs to be broken down gradually.
There should be enough diamond particles present in the segment, and they should be evenly distributed throughout.

Arix diamond segments are a great example of the second principle.

4. Dry cutting or wet cutting, how to choose?

No matter what diamond tools you use, wet cutting will always outperform dry cutting. In most cases, we recommend using wet cutting methods, but you should ultimately base your decision on your specific condition.

Wet cutting can help reduce the working temperature and noise, as well as increase cutting efficiency and lengthen the working life. The dust is also taken away by the water, making it more healthy for the operator. The only downside is that you have to clean the slurry.

Dry cutting does not have as many advantages as wet cutting, but there are some situations where it is required. For example:

There is no water source near the work site.
You want to avoid cleaning the slurry of wet cutting.

Note for dry cutting:

Remember to use a breathing mask or vacuum cleaner to protect yourself.
When purchasing dry-cut diamond tools, be sure to check that they are capable of dry cutting (ask the sales). A dry-cut diamond blade is quite different from a wet-cut blade, in terms of the segment formula, welding type, and blank core.

5. The development history of diamond tools in China

The diamond industry in China started off relatively later than other countries. However, as early as the 1960s, China had successfully developed synthetic diamonds. It wasn't until the 1980s that tools made from diamond-like carbon for grinding, cutting, and drilling began to develop and become industrialized.

As manufacturing in China began to boom in the late 1980s, the country's diamond tooling industry also began to grow rapidly. Today, China is one of the leading suppliers of diamond tools to the global market.

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