A Comprehensive Guide To Bush Hammer In Diamond Tools.

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As concrete floors become more popular, the bush hammer is gaining popularity as well. Not only is it used on large automatic bush hammering machines for texturing stones, but it is also becoming more common to use on floor grinders for concrete grinding and floor coating removals.

1. The Definition

OneStop Diamond Tools take the view that bush hammers are any tools that can create bush hammered finishes on the surface of stones, concrete, or other construction materials. The most common finish is a rough, pockmarked texture, which is called "Litchi Surface" in China. However, there are hundreds of different bush hammered finishes in the world that can be created with the help of various bush hammer tools.

The three main cutting materials used in bush hammers are PCD, tungsten carbide, and diamonds. PCD and diamond (vacuum brazed diamonds) bush hammer rollers are primarily used for creating scratching finishes. Tungsten carbides come in a variety of shapes and are usually used on bush hammer plates to create different sizes and types of rough, pockmarked, or decorative finishes.

2. What is a bush hammer used for?

Bush hammers are used for texturing stone or concrete. The bush-hammered finishes created can be used for different purposes.

Making an anti-slip surface

There are a few different finishes that can be applied to anti-slip surfaces, but the most common one is the rough, pockmarked texture. This provides a good amount of traction and is less likely to become slippery when wet.

Concrete floor preparation

They can help to increase bonding effectiveness when applying new concrete to an existing concrete surface by increasing the surface area of the bonding zone. This is because more of the new concrete will come into contact with the existing concrete, which will create a stronger bond.

Removing floor coatings

Bush hammering is a great way to remove coatings like epoxy, paint, and other residues. It's an aggressive tool that can quickly strip away unwanted materials, making it perfect for surface preparation.

Making artistic and decorative textures on the surface

There are a variety of bush-hammered finishes available for decoration, such as the scratching finish.

3. What is the process of bush hammering?

Different from the early bush hammer chisel, which was operated manually, modern bush hammers are rotary bush hammers driven by electric or chemical energy (like propane floor grinders).

There are two types of modern bush hammers: bush hammer plates and bush hammer rollers. Both types use a grid of conical or pyramidal points to create different textures on stone or concrete. However, there is a difference between the two types.

The Process of Bush Hammer Plates

The Bush hammer plate comes with several bush hammer rollers on it. The speed of the rollers on the plates differs; the outer rollers rotate faster than those on the inner portion of the plate. Therefore, the arrangement of bush hammer rollers on the plates is very important.

The Process of Bush Hammer Rollers

Please note that the bush hammer rollers mentioned here are different from the rollers on the bush hammer plate.

Bush hammer rollers differ from bush hammer plates in that they grind the surface through a straight path, back and forth. Each place of the rollers has the same line speed.

4. Where to buy bush hammers?

There are only a few well-known bush hammer suppliers around the world, like lupato meccanica in Italy. They have been specializing in research and development of bush hammers for decades, and their products are known for being high quality and having great performance. The downside is that they can be quite expensive.

Sunny is one of the best bush hammer manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have developed a full series of bush hammer plates and rollers that can be used on a wide range of machines, such as angle grinders, floor grinders, bridge saws, large automatic bush hammering machines, and other grinding machines.

OneStop Diamond Tools is the perfect place to buy bush hammers! We have a wide range of bush hammers to meet your requirements, all at competitive prices. Quality is important to us, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible product.

If you want to establish your brand of bush hammers, OneStop Diamond Tools is the perfect partner for you. We have ample experience with OEM/ODM orders and can provide you with a reasonable MOQ (minimum order quantity).

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