Basic Knowledge Of Diamond Core Drill Bits

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This article provides an overview of diamond drill bits for individuals who are new to this topic. It covers the basics, such as what diamond core drill bits are, how they can be classified, and how to judge the quality of diamond core drill bits.

What Diamond Core Drill Bits Are?

The diamond core drill bit is a versatile tool that can be used for stone processing, engineering drilling, or engineering sampling, such as drilling precast concrete, making A/C holes in wall. It is one of the most widely used diamond tools. They are made up of diamond segments and barrels. 

How To Classify Diamond Core Drill Bits?

Generally, diamond core drill bits can be classified in different ways, such as by size, application, welding methods, the type of material being drilled, and more.

By Structures

According to different structures, diamond core drill bits can be classified into three categories: solid drill bits, core drill bits, and finger bits.

Solid Drill Bits With Shank ConnectionSolid Drill Bits With Shank Connection
diamond-core-drill-bitsDiamond Core Drill Bits
diamond-finger-bitsDiamond Finger Bits For CNC Machine


Solid Drill Bits

A solid drill is mainly used to drill holes in the external wall to hang stones (dry-hang stones or tiles). It is available in a variety of sizes, with the most common being 6-16mm in diameter and 45-60mm in working length.

Core Drill Bits

Diamond core drill bits are commonly used in construction and other projects where drilling is required. For example, drilling holes for faucets on stone decoration panels, or for air conditioning, ventilation, drainage pipes, and concrete sampling inspection. The diameter of the bit is generally 20-500mm and the working length is 60-450mm.

Finger Bits

The diamond finger bit is a versatile tool that can be used for drilling, milling, carving, and other purposes. It is mainly used on hard and brittle materials such as stone by CNC machine. The diameter of the bit is 22-25mm and the working length is 40-100mm.

By Materials To Be Drilled

When searching for a diamond core drill bit, it's important to consider the material you'll be drilling. Different core drill bits are designed for different materials, such as granite, marble, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, and other construction materials. Most people use materials-included keywords to find the drill bits they want and it's an efficient way, including concrete core drill bits, granite core drill bits, marble drill bits, etc.

By Welding Methods

There are generally four main welding methods used for diamond tools: electroplating, vacuum brazing, high-frequency welding, and laser welding. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the right one for the job.

Electroplated and Vacuum Brazed Core Drill Bits

Electroplated Diamond Core Drill BitsElectroplated Diamond Core Drill Bits
vacuum Brazed Diamond Core Drill BitsVacuum Brazed Diamond Core Drill Bits


Electroplated and vacuum brazed core drill bits are typically small in diameter and have a limited working length. They usually can be used for dry drilling. 

High-frequency and Laser Welded Core Drill Bits

Both high-frequency and laser welded core drill bits are good to drill all kinds of stone and other construction materials, such as granite, marble, brick, block, and concrete. While laser welded core drill bits are more used drilling through tough materials such as hard granite, concrete and reinforced concrete. If you need to drill the reinforced concrete or need a dry drilling, a laser welded type is your best choice, cause the laser type has the strongest welding strength of all.

How To Judge The Quality Of Diamond Core Drill Bits?

There are several key factors that contribute to a high-quality diamond core drill bit:

  1. The concentricity of the barrel is good, and there can be no swinging.
  2. The tool head welding is concentric with the matrix, has good symmetry uniformity, and has no damage to the matrix.
  3. The welding is firm and does not lose the teeth.
  4. In the drilling process, the diamond segments keep sharp and have a long life.

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