How Diamond Blades Revolutionized the Construction Industry?

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Why Use Diamond Blades?

Diamond blades have revolutionized the construction industry by providing a solution to the challenge of cutting through hard materials like concrete and steel. Regular saws cannot be used for these materials, as they require a tougher and stronger cutting tool. Diamond, the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man, is the ideal material for cutting through these hard materials. Its rating of 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale proves that it is the toughest and strongest material to use for this purpose. Although diamonds are rare and pricey, the use of synthetic diamonds has made it possible to use diamond blades in construction. Without these synthetic diamonds, cutting through hard materials would be impossible.

Advantage of Diamond Blades

Diamond blades offer several advantages over other metal and abrasive blades. They are safer to use, last longer, and cut faster. Before choosing a diamond blade, it is important to understand its application. Not all diamond blades are the same, and each blade comes with different styles, shapes, and grooves that affect its ability to cut. Blades may be specialized to cut certain materials or hardness levels. It is important to research and determine the application of the blade before making a purchase.

Application of Diamond Blades

While most diamond blades are used for cutting through concrete, brick, tile, and asphalt, some can cut through metal. However, the type of blade used depends on the application. Abrasive saws are generally better for cutting steel, as they are made of aluminum oxide grain that is reinforced with two sheets of fiberglass. When cutting harder materials, the bond of the diamond blade should be softer, as this allows for more synthetic diamond to be exposed and used for grinding away at the material. Conversely, when cutting softer materials, the bond should be stronger to ensure that the diamond is exposed long enough to be fully utilized.

Choose Right Size Of Diamond Blade And Keep Safety

The size of the blade also affects its performance and the project at hand. It is important to choose a blade that fits the saw being used. A larger blade will be necessary for larger projects, while a smaller blade is ideal for smaller projects.

The lifespan of a diamond blade depends on the material being cut and its usage. Low-quality blades have a lifespan of around 10 hours of total cutting time, while higher quality blades can last up to 120 hours or more of cutting time. Safety is paramount when working with diamond blades. It is crucial to wear the proper safety gear, including safety goggles, helmets, gloves, long clothing, respiratory equipment, and steel toe boots. Always follow the manufacturer's directions for safe handling and use of the blade. Do not force the blade and cut straight to avoid cracking, chipping, or breaking it.

At the end of the day, diamond blades have transformed the construction industry by providing a safe, efficient, and reliable solution for cutting through hard materials.

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