Diamond Wire Saw Machine in Granite Processing: Global Brands, Usage, and Common Issues

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Diamond wire saw machines play a crucial role in granite processing, and various global brands dominate the market. This article explores some prominent Italian, Brazilian, and Chinese brands, highlights the trend of using wire saw machines in granite slab processing, and delves into the advantages of these machines over traditional sand saws.

Global Brands of Diamond Wire Saw Machines:

1. Italian Brands:  Gaspari, Pedrini, Breton, Pellegrini

2. Brazilian Brand: Universo

3. Chinese Brands: Tebang, Tianshiyuan, etc..

Gaspari diamond wire saw machine
Pedrini diamond wire saw machine

Pellegrini diamond wire saw machine

Breton diamond wire saw machine

What are the advantages of diamond wire saw machines?

1. High Cutting Efficiency:

   - 8-10 times faster than traditional sand saws.

2. Higher Yield:

   - Greater material output compared to sand saws.

3. Environmentally Friendly:

   - Low noise and no need for complex environmental systems dealing with steel grit and lime water.

Characteristics of OneStop Diamond Wire Saw:

1. Stable Quality
2. Low Breakage Rate
3. Sharp Beads for High Cutting Efficiency
4. No need for re-injection after a single use.

Usage of Diamond Wire Saw

1. Loading:

   - Tilt the stone material 3-5° along the cutting direction during loading.
   - Fix support blocks with gypsum to prevent rocking, replacing them after cutting each raw block.

2. Wire Installation and Tensioning:

   - Install the wire in the direction of machine operation and arrow.
   - Ensure sequential and non-confusing wire installation to avoid bending.
   - Correspond wire slots with tension and guide wheels.

3. Alignment:

   - Use lead cones for alignment, ensuring a 3cm gap between diamond wires and the raw material edge on both sides.

4. Pre-cut Inspection:

   - Check guide wheel rubber for damage or detachment.
   - Ensure accurate installation of all wire saws into guide wheel slots.

5. Cutting Parameters Setting:

   - Set cutting parameters, including tension, line speed, and down-feed, before starting the machine.
   - Ensure an empty machine area and set up a warning line before startup.
   - Start the cooling system before operation.

7. Slab Separation and Unloading:

   - Separate raw material into 8-12 pieces per group using triangular wooden blocks.
   - Unload slabs systematically, ensuring no damage during the process.

8. Quality Inspection of Slabs:

   - Measure slab thickness after cutting, ensuring a tolerance of ±1mm.

Common Issues and Solutions with Diamond Wire Saw:

1. Thickness Variation:

   - Causes: Excessive down-feed, insufficient tension, insufficient sharpness of some diamond wires.
   - Solutions: Control down-feed, maintain tension, and improve diamond wire stability.

2. Surface Scratches:

   - Causes: Insufficient tension, damaged or detached rubber in guide wheel, small stones entering the cutting gap, inconsistent wire quality.
   - Solutions: Maintain tension, replace damaged rubber, inspect gaps for debris, use quality wire.

3. Large Deviation in Wire Walking:

   - Causes: Inconsistent tension on guide wheels, variable diamond wire performance, excessive down-feed.
   - Solutions: Replace or repair guide wheel, maintain tension, improve diamond wire stability, control down-feed.

4. Unreasonable Wire Layout:

   - Causes: Thin edge board design, overlooking cracks in the rock.
   - Solutions: Design edges at least 3cm thick, carefully inspect for cracks, and redesign if necessary.

5. Rubber Strip Breakage:

   - Causes: Aging rubber, excessive separation at the strip interface, subpar rubber quality.
   - Solutions: Regularly replace rubber every 6 months to a year, inspect and address issues promptly, choose quality rubber.

In conclusion, understanding the usage and addressing common issues of diamond wire saw machines is essential for efficient and high-quality granite processing. Manufacturers and operators should prioritize maintenance and proper operation to ensure optimal performance and longevity of these machines.

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