The Story Behind 13.5mm and 15.5mm Height Diamond Segments

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In the past two days, we received an inquiry from a customer in Uzbekistan regarding diamond segments. Their interest lies in segments designed for a multi-blade stone cutting machine with 9 different blades (with diameters of 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500, and 1650mm). The specified dimensions of the segments are 24*6.4/7.0*13.5mm and 24*6.4/7.0*15.5mm.

Marble Cutting Diamond Segments
Granite Cutting Diamond Segments


In the diamond tools industry, segment heights are typically in whole millimeters. So, why did they request diamond segments with heights of 13.5mm and 15.5mm? The reality behind this choice might be more unexpected than you think.

Upon consulting with one of our engineers, he revealed that the heights were primarily due to the wear and tear of their 13mm and 15mm steel molds, which results in larger-sized cold-pressed segments. To continue using the existing steel molds, the factory opted to customize graphite molds with heights of 13.5mm and 15.5mm for hot pressing. Graphite molds are much cheaper than steel molds, thus saving the costs of opening a new steel mold. (Cold pressing and hot pressing are two steps in the segment production process. For a more in-depth understanding of the diamond segment production process, please refer to this article: 7 Steps of Manufacturing Metal Bond Concrete Grinding Diamond Tooling.)

I have already explained this reason to the customer. We can accommodate their request if they still wish to proceed with the 13.5mm and 15.5mm segment heights. However, a significant quantity of diamond segments is needed to open a new steel mold for our customer, considering the high cost of a mold set.

In reality, whether it's 13.0mm or 13.5mm, 15mm or 15.5mm segments, both are usable with no significant impact. For customers, the key considerations lie in the pricing and quality of the diamond segments. The segment's price determines affordability, while the quality ensures the product meets the customer's expectations.

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